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LMCI specializes in creating quality products and providing high caliber staff support to a wide range of customers. The LMCI product mix ranges from our flagship online career information delivery system, Texas Career Check, to a variety of specialized economic development and regional planning tools. We offer services to students through a Toll-free Career Information Hotline and provide career-oriented tabloids and monographs to assist students and job seekers in making informed education and career choices. Each of these end user products is buttressed by applied academic research on Texas labor market dynamics. LMCI offers a collection of hardcopy and online labor market, career and follow-up information products and customer support services that are second to none! If you would like to purchase any of these items, please print our Product Order Form, complete it, and mail or fax it to us.


Career Success

Foundation High School Endorsement Bulletins

This series of bulletins takes a closer look at each endorsement area and connects those endorsement pathways to career opportunities. Each comprehensive issue contains vital information about the guidelines of the Foundation High School program and endorsement selection requirements. In addition, they feature careers that are specific to each endorsement area and the accompanying labor market information for each job title.
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Texas Job Hunters Guide

Texas Job Hunters Guide

From assessing to preparing to searching to connecting to interviewing, this publication will show you how to excel in the art of the job hunt. $2.00

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Succeed at Work

Succeed at Work

This publication succinctly sums up what you need to know about how to be the type of employee that businesses will want to hire, keep, and promote. $2.00

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Career Success

Career Success

Nothing is more important than helping students explore ways to connect personal interests with future education and career options. Career Success is a 40-page newspaper designed for high school students to help them understand the realities of the job market and compose an educational plan. The tabloid aligns with the Achieve Texas career clusters and contains sections on college financial aid, job projections, job hunting, personal budgeting and works for college and non-college bound students.   $0.50
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Career Investigation

Career Investigation

This tabloid helps middle school students understand the relevance of education to the job market and various careers. This 40-page newspaper encourages students to create a graduation plan based on learning styles, personal interests and future goals. The tabloid is organized around the Achieve Texas 16 career clusters and lays out the three graduation plans for Texas students and how each course selection or career concentration will determine career opportunities in high school and beyond. There’s even a pullout guide to help parents have the conversation with their student about education and career choices.   $0.50
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Careers Are Everywhere

Careers Are Everywhere!

More than just the title of this career-related elementary level activities workbook, the fact is that children start the process of exploring the world of work as early as the elementary grades. The activities in this workbook are intended to be fun and challenging. Specifi c objectives of the workbook include the concept of self-knowledge, developing a basic understanding of their interests, likes and dislikes and how they interact with others. The various activities are designed to raise awareness of the relationship between work and learning, how work relates to the needs and functions of society and the interrelationship of life roles.  $2.00
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Why Study This?

Why Study This?? Interviews with Real People in Math and Science Careers

Students are always asking why they should study various subjects, especially the more challenging subjects like math and science. Why Study This?? is a collection of interviews with twenty people who work in math- and science-related fields. Its aim is to engage middle school students and encourage them to take as much math and science in high school as possible. The interviewees include an astronaut, storm chaser, forensic scientist, “space farmer,” drafter, engineer, marine biologist, actuary, architect and more. The discussion focuses on their daily activities and how they use math and science in their jobs. In addition to the interviews, the magazine offers an introduction, “Lessons Learned,” that debunks some misconceptions students may have about people who work in math and the sciences.  $2.00
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Job Hunter's Guide Express Succeed at Work Express Your Next Job Express

The Express Editions: Job Hunter’s Guide, Succeed At Work, Your Next Job

All three of these great publications are now available in shorter, more succinct versions called our Express versions. All the Express editions are written in both English and Spanish within the same booklet. The Job Hunter’s Guide Express has all the same great information as the regular version but written in simpler language. The same is true for Your Next Job Express and Succeed At Work Express.  $2.00
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Beyond High School

Beyond High School

Helping your child narrow down their education and training options after high school can be tough. The goal of this booklet is to help you and your student choose a school based on what is important to you. There are thousands of institutions of higher learning in the United States, each with their own cultures, some with a balance between studies and extracurricular activities, and some more exclusively focused on the work of getting you trained for a career. Let the TWC help you figure out some criteria considerations to work through to help you and your child discover the best fit for them.
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Texas Directory of Licensed Ocupations

Texas Directory of Licensed Occupations

Some jobs have licensing requirements that must be considered before you make that career choice. The Texas Directory of Licensed Occupations provides an up-to-date summary of minimum requirements for professions and occupations licensed by the State of Texas. Several occupations, recently subject to state regulation, have been added to those in previous editions of this book. A brief look at the benefits and contacts for apprenticeship programs is also provided.  $10.00
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Texas Occupational Highlights (employment projections)

Texas Occupational Highlights (employment projections)

Check out this brochure to see the top 25 Texas occupations which are projected to grow the fastest during the next decade, add the most jobs, pay the most, etc.
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Top 10 Career Tips

Top 10 Career Tips

This guide offers advice on how to search for a job, how to behave in a job interview and how to successfully meet the expectations of your employer. Also available as four 18”x 24”posters.
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Top 10 Career Tips Poster Set

Top 10 Career Tips Poster Sets

Each panel of the Top 10 Career Tips Brochure has been made into a poster, each with a wide red border. Get the whole set of 5 posters.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid

College is expensive, but fortunately there are many resources to help you pay. Check out this guide to understand the basics of financial aid and some of the best websites to find about applying for aid.
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Where Do People Find Job Openings?

Where Can You Find Job Openings?

Some methods are more effective than others in finding a job. This brochure highlights a variety of common ways people look for jobs and the strengths and limitations of each.
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Are you a Doer?

Are you a...Doer?

Sometimes your personal traits determine the occupations that might make for your best fit. This brochure presents six personality types and the career possibilities commonly linked to each trait.
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Pocket Résumé

Pocket Résumé

Never again forget critical phone numbers and other information when filling out a job application. The Pocket Resume is a miniature résumé that stores information commonly asked on a job application.
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Bookmarks Bookmarks are perfect for career fairs!
  • Texas CARES Bookmark
  • Texas CREWS Bookmark
  • Reality Check Bookmark
  • Labor Market & Career Information Bookmark
  • LMCI Career Information Hotline Bookmark

Online Publications:

Detailed Work Activity (DWA) Common Language Project The Detailed Work Activity (DWA) Common Language project represents a series of data development and application projects designed to provide a common language around the concept of transferable skills. Using DWAs, educators can assess the degree of alignment between curricula and employer skill needs, job seekers can determine the extent to which their skills match those required for a given job, and economic developers can identify potential skill gaps in their regional workforce. This publication describes the DWA conceptual framework and provides context for the many potential applications of DWAs as a skills translator for more effective labor exchange and work to worker alignment. Check Out Detailed Work Activity (DWA) Common Language Project

The Workplace Essentials Soft Skills white paper

We’ve heard often over the years that employers hire because of a person’s hard skills, but promote, or fire, because of their soft skills. Yet, "soft skills" are loosely defined and hard to quantify. We don’t even know what to call them: soft skills, workplace basics, job essentials, professional job skills. The task of including them in employment decision making, no matter which side of the table we are on, is made all the more difficult by this lack of a common language. To bring some order to the chaos, in 2014-15, the Texas Workforce Commission funded research by the Texas State Technical College system to define and validate a common language to describe what we will call Workplace Essential Skills. The result was this Workplace Essentials Skills analysis that for the first time gives company hiring managers, job seekers, employment counselors and students a common language and standardized definitions for the "soft skills" necessary better match individuals to specific job requirements.
Download a one page overview of the Workplace Essentials white paper PDF document
Download the four-page report PDF document

Many of these end-user products rely on data generated through a variety of programs operated in cooperation with the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The department provides monthly, survey-based estimates of payroll employment, and estimates of unemployed persons and state and local unemployment rates. LMCI conducts extensive employer surveys to generate occupational wage estimates and generate detailed industry employment and payroll wage data. These data form the backbone of an extraordinarily rich data environment from which to understand the Texas labor market.