LMCI specializes in creating quality products and providing high caliber staff support to a wide range of customers. The LMCI product mix ranges from our flagship online career information delivery system, Texas Career Check, to a variety of specialized economic development and regional planning tools. We offer services to students through a Toll-free Career Information Hotline and provide career-oriented tabloids and monographs to assist students and job seekers in making informed education and career choices. Each of these end user products is buttressed by applied academic research on Texas labor market dynamics. LMCI offers a collection of hardcopy and online labor market, career and follow-up information products and customer support services that are second to none! If you would like to purchase any of these items, please print our Product Order Form, complete it, and mail or fax it to us.

Contact  by phone or fax:

Labor Market Information Hotline: (512) 936-3200
FAX # (512) 936-3147
Career Information Hotline: 1-800-822-PLAN (7526)
FAX # (512) 936-3204
General Information Line: (512) 936-3278
Fax # (512) 936-3147
Annual Refiling Survey Help Line: 1-800-227-7816
Government Worksite Reports Help Line: 1-800-227-7816
Licensed Staff Leasings Reports Help Line: 1-800-227-7816
Industry Verification Reports Help Line: 1-800-227-7816
Multiple Worksite Reports Help Line: 1-800-227-7816
NAICS (Industry Codes) Help Line: 1-800-227-7816
Occupational Estimates Help Line: 1-800-252-3616
Occupational/Job Titles Help Line: 1-800-252-3616
Occupational/Job Wage Ranges Help Line: 1-800-252-3616

To contact the Dissemination Group for Labor Market Information Questions or specific data requests by phone:

General Information:  or  outside Austin
FAX # (512) 936-3208

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