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Education Outreach Videos

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Coffee with the Commissioner

Coffee with the Commissioner Video

Lorena Knight, TWC Education Outreach Manager, sits down with Commissioner Julian Alvarez to discuss the important work performed by Education Outreach Specialist throughout the state of Texas. Lean how our Outreach Specialist work with schools, organizations, and communities to prepare students for success beyond high school.

EO General Resources

EO General Resources Video

This video will provide you with a general resource showcase of all the career education resources, tool, and services available through the Texas Workforce Commission. These resources which include online tools, publications, services, and labor market data, are designed to help students make better informed decisions about their plans beyond high school.

Career Exploration

Career Exploration Video

Choosing a career is important but it requires more than just picking a desired occupation. You want to make sure that the career you choose with be a good fit for you and your future. This video will cover tools and strategies to discover careers that align with your skills, interest, and values.

Finacial Planning Beyond HS

Finacial Planning Beyond HS Video

There are many different education and training options available to you after high school. In this video you will learn about many of these options and how they can impact you financially. You will learn about financial aid such as grants, scholarships, student loans and more. The video covers strategies to help you plan effectively and ensure you are empowered to make informed decisions about your future.

Soft Skills & Professional Growth

Soft Skills & Professional Growth Video

Soft skills such as work-ethic, teamwork, communication, punctuality, and many others are important and necessary in today's work environment. This video will cover the type of skills needed to have a successful career and continued professional growth and development. You will learn strategies to identify personal strengths and areas of improvement.