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The Interviews

Scientist/Engineer John Gruener
Drafter Anthony Eaton
Chemist Angela Belcher
Forensic Scientist Gary Molina
Payload Project Manager Angie Lee
Research and Development Director Mark Moore
Human Systems Designer Jan Connolly
Polar Meteorologist Rick Toracinta
Space Suit Engineer Amy Ross
Neurologist Lisa Cain
Aerospace Engineer John Connolly
Actuary Brian Forman
Geologist Kitty Milliken
Medical Photographer John Glowczwski
Astronaut Bonnie Dunbar
Web Programmer Robert Shelton
Storm Chaser David Gold
Scientist Alan Adams
Biomedical Engineer Susan Ramsey
Marine Biologist Paul DiMarco

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Bonus Interviews

NMR Spectroscopist Ed Ezell
Researcher Tracy Purcell
Neuroscientist Claire Hulsebosch
Math Teacher Laurel Eskridge
Math and Physics Teacher Troy Lanier

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Thanks to all the people we interviewed, whether we published your interview or not. Thanks also to your employers for supporting this endeavor, including: Columbia Universal Life Insurance Company, Austin; National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Johnson Space Center (JSC), Houston; Ohio State University, Columbus; Sulzer Carbomedics, Austin; Silver Lining Tours, Houston; Sinclair and Wright Architects, Tyler; Texas Department of Public Safety, Austin; The University of Texas at Austin; and The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) at Galveston.

Special thanks to Douglas Goforth (JSC) and John Glowczwski (UTMB) for helping to arrange interviews and to TWC/LMCI reviewers Rich Froeschle and Cindy Elliott.

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