Texas Workforce Commission
Agricultural Employer Wage Surveys

Thank you for visiting the Texas Workforce Commissionís agriculture employer wage survey website. The Texas Workforce Commission administers surveys of wages and working conditions in Texas agriculture to assist the U.S. Department of Labor in administering federal programs, including a visa program for agricultural labor.

Importance of Participation

The generous participation of employers ensures that the U.S. Department of Laborís rules and policies reflect the labor market in Texas agriculture, ensuring fairness to all employers. Without your participation, these surveys would not accurately reflect the economic and social conditions in your industry. If you are asked to participate in one of our surveys, please say "Yes". A few moments of your time can mean so much for people just like you.

2023-24 Agricultural Employer Survey Forms

IMPORTANT: To complete this survey, please save the form to a folder or the desktop and reopen it in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader. Complete the survey in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader and save the file. Then email the completed file to agsurvey@twc.state.tx.us as an attachment. Please do not complete the form in your web browser, as the browser may not save your responses. You can also scan and email a completed paper survey to the email address above.

How to return the surveys

  1. Online: Save a completed form as a file or scan one completed on paper and email to agsurvey@twc.texas.gov
  2. Via U.S. Mail: Feel free to print out these surveys and mail them to the following address:

    Texas Workforce Commission
    Labor Market and Career Information
    101 E. 15th Street, Room 354
    Austin, Texas 78778-0001

  3. Via Fax: Fax a completed survey to 512-961-4861
  4. Via Telephone: Feel free to call toll free 855-273-0043 and give your answers over the phone

If you have any questions or need any assistance in completing the survey, feel free to contact the Texas Workforce Commission at 855-273-0043

Protecting Confidentiality

We understand that confidentiality is extremely important to you. That is why the confidentiality of participants in our surveys is strictly protected by law and additionally by our own security policies. Federal and State law prohibits us from releasing any information that could reveal the identity of you or your business without your consent. The information that you provide can only be used to produce statistics. In other words, it can be used to describe or analyze the characteristics only of groups, not individuals, households, or specific organizations. These laws and policies ensure that no one will be able to misuse your information or gain an unfair advantage by obtaining inside information about your business.

What is a seasonal worker?

"Temporary or seasonal nature" means employment performed at certain seasons of the year, usually in relation to the production and/or harvesting of a crop, or for a limited time period of less than one year when an employer can show that the need for the foreign worker(s) is truly temporary.