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The Texas Job Hunters Guide, and Your Next Job are two of LMCI's most successful publications. But our customers wanted more! So we took the most important content of each document, simplified the reading level and created a new version of each publication that includes a full Spanish language translation.
Introducing the all new Express versions of these best-selling monographs!

Job Hunters Guide Express:PDF document This monograph offers a model around which to conduct your successful job search. It is written to help you organize the job hunting process. The model discusses ways to assess your work interests, prepare for the job search, identify the most successful ways to find jobs and get noticed, how to contact employers and some techniques for successful interviewing. Very few workers will have only one job during their careers. The Job Hunters Guide will teach you the important aspects of finding your first job, with advice that will be useful for your lifetime of getting a job that best matches your interests and talents.
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Your Next Job Express:PDF document In this constantly changing world, there is always a possibility of losing your job. You don't have to like it, but it also doesn't have to be the end of the world. This monograph helps those laid off from their job to understand the psychology behind job loss, the warning signs that you may be subject to losing a job, some ways to effectively deal with your job loss and how to begin preparing for your next, great job. Wrapped around an engaging, multi-part story of one person's journey from the anguish of job loss to the thrill of finding a new job, Your Next Job is a "must" read monograph for bouncing back from a layoff-better than before!
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You can order copies of the Express Series Publications, or any other LMCI product by sending a check or purchase order to "LMCI".
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