Teachers, Counselors & Administrators

Career Fair & Outreach Resources

Career Day Presentations

Career Day events routinely provide the opportunity for individuals in different occupations to discuss their education, training, and career pathways in a classroom with students. In some cases, entire classes are assigned the rooms they will navigate through. Other times, students get a list of all the occupations on site and they get to select which rooms they go to. When we attend these events we speak briefly about our own careers and attempt to spend more time discussing the student’s career interests and our resources that can help them investigate those careers.

Career Fairs

We can take part in career fairs and expos by setting up a booth that offers informative materials of all of our resources as well as provide a laptop to demo some of our online tools. Just like our conversations at career day events, we speak to students about their career interests and how our resources can help them investigate those career and education opportunities.

Selfie Booth

In an effort to energize student engagement when we attend career fairs, we developed what we are calling the “selfie booth.” It includes a backdrop and selfie sticks as well as a variety of 16x20 foam boards that display caricatures in different occupations. Students can “try on” as many occupations as they would like by placing their faces into the cutouts of each caricature and snapping selfies with their own smart phones of cameras.

Education Outreach

Would you like us to come to your school? We can talk to parents or students about:
  • Exploring careers
  • Understanding and using labor market data
  • Learning about workforce realities, including
    • what employers want;
    • employability (soft) skills;
    • and how to find, get, and keep a job
  • Selecting a college
  • Using TWC resources
  • Education Outreach Handout
We can also provide In-Service or Train-the-Trainer opportunities for Teachers, Counselors, and staff by discussing how to:
  • Use all of TWC’s resources (including demonstrations) and information to inform what you teach your students
  • Talk to and teach students about workforce realities and about employability skills
  • Help students explore careers
We also regularly create webinars and video tutorials for our academic partners. Invite us to your event- If you want to invite us to attend your event or visit your campus, please be sure to let us know:
  • Specific date of your event
  • Time the event will take place
  • Name of your school and ISD
  • Physical location of the school
  • Estimated number of audience members
  • Type of event
  • Requested participation from TWC

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