Automated Student and Adult Learner Follow-Up

The heart of the process is the seed records containing the information on individuals exiting education and workforce training programs: the customers of these services. Seed record information comes from a number of sources, including: public secondary schools, TWC workforce programs such as Choices, Employment Services, Food Stamp Employment and Training, and other publicly-funded programs such as Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Windham ISD and Texas Schools for the Deaf, Blind and Visually Impaired.

These seed records of education and workforce training customers are then linked to databases that will identify where they are after exiting their respective programs, regardless if they actually completed the program or not. These "achievement" databases include the unemployment insurance (UI) wage records from the Texas Workforce Commission, identifying those exiters who found employment; federal employment records, identifying those individuals working in the federal government or serving in the military; incarceration records from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ), showing how many exiters are serving prison sentences; Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics,identifying those exiters who are now deceased, and Wage Record Interchange System wage records identifying WIA and Wagner-Peyser participants that have found employment outside Texas.

LMCI is continuously trying to incorporate additional databases into the follow-up system to increase the probability of locating where an exiter of an education or workforce training program is. Currently, most of the databases cover those exiters who remained in Texas. Those working outside of Texas are not included in the linking process.

Once the follow-up information is added to the exiters' records, the aggregated results are returned to organizations supplying the seed records so they can identify the achievements of individuals exiting their various programs, providing useful information for program development and planning.