Automated Adult and Student Follow-up Project

The LMCI's Automated Student and Adult Learner Follow-Up System (ASALFS) is designed to answer: "What happened to students and participants after they received publicly funded education and training?"

A brief history of the Automated Approach

Following up with individuals exiting education and workforce training programs has traditionally consisted of using surveys to determine if the exiters were pursuing additional education or if working, what types of employment they found and what wages they earned. These self-reported data are an inefficient and sometimes unreliable method for collecting data however, and LMCI strived for a better way to follow up and collect data about these individuals.
LMCI created a methodology for improving data collection by automating the process using public databases. Employment records and state higher education enrollment and graduation records, all of which are public, are searched using information specific to the people exiting education and workforce programs. Click here for more information on the Automated Approach.

To learn more about how the follow-up system works, check out the following links, and you can read LMCI's Field Guide to Automated Follow-Up. There are three ways to get a copy of the Guide:

  Download a copy of the Field Guide in Adobe PDF formatPDF document. This is a self-extracting Zip file and is 2.0 MB in size.
  Purchase a printed copy by using the LMCI Product Order Form.