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Working Texas Style [softcover]
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Product Description

Working Texas Style is a readable look at the structural change going on in the current Texas economy. Using data about labor trends, business investment patterns and educational requirements of workers as a base, Working Texas Style weaves thoughtful analysis with insights from more than 160 interviews with business thought leaders across Texas.

Working Texas Style explores issues involving globalization, new technologies like nanotechnology and biotechnology, as well as the trends in oil and natural gas companies and the needs of new renewable energy firms involved in wind, solar and biofuels. Working Texas Style also discusses critical issues facing the Texas workforce. Issues such as management challenges posed by four generations of employees all working together, opportunities presented by the emerging wave of Hispanic and women new labor force entrants, and concerns about "skill mismatch" and "knowledge transfer" for Texas business.

"Engineering and design are key for us, and communications skills are critical. At Dell today, you can be part of a team with people in many different countries where you're communicating and working virtually. We need and value team members who are familiar with and embrace other cultures."

        - Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Inc. in Round Rock, on workers his company needs, from one of the many interviews with Texas business thought leaders whose insights are included in this book.

Working Texas Style is a touchstone book to help public officials, economic developers, human resources professionals, business owners and students better grasp the fast changing Texas labor economy. Check out the chapters online and order your own copies today!

Product Details

Softcover: 152 pages
Publisher: The Texas Workforce Commission
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-615-39312
Product Dimensions: 10.875 x 8.25 x 0.5

Working Texas Style Chapter Downloads

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Editor's Note and Preface
Chapter 1   Impact of the Baby Boomer Generation
Chapter 2   The Changing Race and Ethnicity of Workers
Chapter 3   Employers Adapt to a Changing Workforce
Chapter 4   Tradable Skills and Globalization
Chapter 5   Capital and Credit in Job Creation
Chapter 6   Changing Occupational and Business Practices
Chapter 7   Web 2.0 and the 21st Century Business Model
Chapter 8   Labor Market Realities and Career Guidance
Chapter 9   Product Life Cycles and Jobs
Chapter 10   Information Technology
Chapter 11   Biotechnology
Chapter 12   Nanotechnology
Chapter 13   Health Care Information Technology
Chapter 14   Hot Technologies in Today’s Texas
Chapter 15   Evolving Energy: Big Business in Texas
Chapter 16   Oil
Chapter 17   Natural Gas
Chapter 18   Coal and Nuclear Energy
Chapter 19   Renewable Energy: Wind and Solar
Chapter 20   Alternative Energies